Wednesday, October 30, 2013


"Yet faith must be tested and tried before it becomes real in your life. Faith always works in a personal way, because the purpose of God is to see that perfect faith is made real in his children. Faith is a tremendously active principle that always puts Jesus Christ first. The life of Faith says, "Lord, you have said it, it appears to be irrational, but i'm going to step out boldly, trusting in Your Word".
God brings us into particular circumstances to educate our faith, because the nature of faith is to make the object of our faith very real to us."

October 30 some parts from My Utmost for His Highest

Hebrews 11:6
Without faith it is impossible to please Him....

I think what really hit home with me was the reminder that God brings us into particular circumstances to educate our faith- we go through trials to put ourselves closer to God. I think too often I forget that or wonder why I'm going through it when I just need to cling to Him and trust his love for me. His love is stronger than anything. 

What are you going through right now that God could be using to bring you closer to Him?

What in your life requires complete FAITH 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A little update

1, One, uno, un, ein

That is the number of people infront of us wanting to adopt a similar gender/age child in Uganda. Just one family and we will be next to get a referral and see our baby's face. Ahhh! Wouldn't that be the best Christmas gift ever! 

This mommas heart is about to explode. 
Thank you for your continuing prayers and support. 

Love you all 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I am a mommy of three

It doesn't take a special day for me to remember my angel baby but it is a special reminder to help support and encourage others who have gone through or are going through a loss. 

I am a mommy of three, with only one child in my home. I long for my angel baby, thank God for Nolan, and pray daily for my little African boy I have yet to meet. 
God is good! He hugs me when I need comforted and sends me friends when I need support. 

Thanking God for you ladies and praying for all you mommas who have gone through a loss. 

There is a piece of my heart in Heaven and I will never forget my baby. 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Power of Prayer

I want to take a moment to remind everyone about the true power of prayer and tell you a little bit about a day I had last week. :) and how I was reminded... It's a reminder, as much for me as it is for you.

So lets begin...The week had been great, my family was fasting from TV, iPad, gaming and internet, we were spending more time together as a family, and trying to put our focus back on God and what He had planned for our day, but to be honest it was trying. If you have met our son you will know that he is high energy. He was into everything and running around like a wild man. :) I so wanted to put him in front of the tv for a moment or give him his iPad just so I could have a moment if peace and quiet. This week I couldn't do that, so instead of turning on the tv I decided to pray and ask/beg God to give me patience and peace to deal with our wonderfully hyper child.  It went something like " Dear God, please don't let me lose it. Help me handle all this craziness. I need you now!" 
During this time of craziness and praying, I was also in the bathroom trying to get ready of our day. He had gymboree later and I needed to dry my hair and finish getting myself ready... this included putting in my contact lenses...This is going to sound funny- I'm 31 years old and just got contact lenses for the first time and every time I try and put them in it takes me 8-18 tries (per eye people!) it's very frustrating. :) So today, while stressed out and begging God for help, I added in a prayer for help with these contacts.  Wanna guess what He did? He helped me! It took me ONE try, in both eyes! In that moment I had to stop and really think about how God helps me, even with the stupid, silly, small things. Because I sure needed His help in that moment. 
What power there is in prayer. Even with the silly, simple things that we don't think we should bother God with- He does care and He wants to help. We just need ask.  

And that was my moment I wanted to share with you all....

So don't be afraid to stop and ask God for even the little things today. 
I pray you all have a wonder week, full of wonderful, small things God does for you to remind you He is there.