Sunday, May 31, 2015

Oh my heart

Nov 3, 2014
What a blessed day it has been. God has truly calmed my nerves and has given me such a perfect day. Last night Nolan had a rough night, so this morning I woke up laying next to him and as he woke up he smiled the biggest smile, put his hands to my face and said "I love you mommy". These are the moments I treasure and dream of. Those precious mommy moments. Oh my heart. I sit here with tears running down my cheek as I think of moments like this and dream of these same moments with my babies. I want to be there for them, loving on them as they cry at night, even when you wake exhausted, you wake with love. Thinking of my 3 boys makes my heart burst. We hear things all the time about how blessed the boys and how awesome it is that we open our home to the twins, but honestly, we (both my husband and I) don't see it like that. We feel like we are the ones being blessed and we are the lucky ones to be able to have the honor of being their parents. That God would choose us to raise them, just as He chose us to raise Nolan.

Thank you God for letting me be their mommy!

Learning about "quiet time" with God

Nolan makes my heart smile. Last night after I put him to bed I came in my room to read my Bible and he found me. I explained "quiet time" and sent him back to bed. So tonight after putting him to bed, he got up again and this time I was still downstairs. He asked me what I was doing and said I forgot to do my quiet time and read my Bible. The fact that he remembered... I just love him so much. So we talked about the fact that we will need to make sure he gets quiet time tomorrow to read his Bible. 
He is growing up so fast and I pray he continues to have a loving heart and a heart for God. 
As a parent that is my greatest desire for my kids. To follow the will of God. 

.... He also (earlier) talked about how he can't wait to married. It's pretty cute. He often says he wants to marry me and I remind him that I'm already married to daddy. I remind him that one day he will find a girl and he needs to be kind, loving and respectful and that he will meet a girl who is kind, loving, respectful and loves God just like you. 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

5 months later

5 months. FIVE MONTHS! Part of me feels like the twins have been a part of our family forever and the other part can't believe its been 5 months.  Wow, what a change in our family. From 1 boy to 3. Its been great and crazy ha. If you have been wondering how we are doing, we are doing great, we are exhausted but we are doing great. The twins are adjusting amazingly. We couldn't be happier with how they are bonding to us, family, friends and how they are bonding with Nolan. That is my favorite attachment to see grow and change. Maddox and Nolan seemed to hit it off right away. Maverick, well he was a little slower. Now he is started to get in there and play as well. To listen to them all laugh and yell in excitement is truly a blessing. They all also fight, ha. Being a mom to just one I didn't see that much before. Maybe a little between friends but not very often. Now you can screaming in our house a lot.  One has a toy the other wants, or someone has the cup the other wants, or someone is hugging someone else who doesn't want to be hugged. Lol Needless to say, our house is much louder, but our hearts are truly fuller. I do feel blessed to be called these 3 boys mommy. To hear Maverick & Maddox say "mama" just makes my heart smile. The looks I get now, and the smiles, I have truly been given an amazing gift x2.

20 Weeks with us
17 months
Has 4 front top, 4 front bottom teeth, and 3 molars, says so many words (outside, thank you, diaper, mama, dada, drink, eat, up and so many others) and likes to repeat things you say.  He is really starting to open up and be more social. Its really neat to see. He crawls like Nolan used to, with one knee and one foot. Maverick is my snuggler, he will sit on my lap and snuggle and give kisses. 
Has 4 front top, 4 front bottom teeth, and 4 molars, is starting to talk more. He was the first to talk and I know he can, but he likes to let his brothers talk for him. He does the best when Nolan asks him to say something. :) He clings to mommy when people first approach but eventually opens up and plays and smiles a lot.  He crawls on his knees and is quick. Maddox is Nolans buddy and they play together so well. 
They both love playing with balls, balloons, bubbles and being outside. They are both very ticklish and I love to hear them laugh. They both walk, and walk quickly, with the walkers aka pushers as Nolan calls them.  They both LOVE to eat and would eat all day if they could. 


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

From a new mom of three

Wow what an amazing transition this has all been. It's been a long journey for sure but I have truly never been happier. These boys have blessed me so much! All of them! 
I continue to learn about the twins but also about myself and my family. This is what was meant to be. I will never diminish the sadness, which is the need for adoption, but I am so in awe of how God works through it. Our boys both lost their biological parents and that's sad to me. They were both young and beyond that I won't know much about them but I can imagine they were happy and in-love and loved the children they never really got to know. 
I just read an article mid writing this post

I am so blessed God chose us to complete the boys journey. They truly complete me. I know that's cliche but it's so true. In our family, this has been the best thing to happen to us. Watching my family change has been amazing. I see Nolan in a different light and the same goes for my husband. I have actually never been more attracted and in love with my husband, Joe.  God is so good, all the time. He knows how to work a sad, tragedy thing into something for His glory! 
I watch my sons grow, Maverick is a snuggler and Maddox is a lover of most people but he sits back for a second. Once he knows you are ok he will latch on and love you. He is quick to do it though and isn't a big snuggler. Where Maverick on the other hand will snuggle. He will also be social but might not show emotion right away. You can pick him up but he will judge you until he is comfortable and you won't see his beautiful smile until he is comfortable. They are so different it amazes me and makes me smile. Then there is Nolan. Oh my sweet boy who has grown so much. His heart is so big. He loves fully and completely!  When I watch him with his brothers I just feel joy. His excitement when they are around is pure and beautiful. I could have never imagined all this. We are so blessed by our boys. 
Thank you all for your love, prayers and support. We truly truly appreciate them! 

Nolan, Joe, Maverick, & Maddox 

Maddox learning to pull himself up today
And the race begins

Monday, December 8, 2014

Gods got this!

Today was a long, long day. But it was a good day and one that I know God has His hand in. 
Today we had our document check appointment at the U.S. Embassy. But let's start at the beginning of this whole process... And let's start with myself, mom and the boys heading out for our first safari Friday morning around 6:30am. We had just had the boys IOM check up appointment Thursday and were told it would take around a week for all the paperwork to reach the embassy and for us to get our document check appointment. (The IOM paperwork process started Tuesday but it's about 5 days from the last appt that everything usually gets to the embassy) So we planned a safari for the weekend. It takes about 6-7 hours to get out to Parra Lodge and the road was bumpy (that's an understandment) but it was beautiful! We set up some cushions on the floor of the van and the boys slept some. It was a great idea! 
After a couple hours we arrived at a restaurant to have breakfast.

The place was amazing and it's where some famous people stayed while filming some Africa movie haha (you like those details- well my brain is barely working so that's all I have right now) :) 
So anyway, we headed to the lodge and once we entered the park we saw some of the. Most. Amazing...
Termit hills!! I was so excited for the trip and these mounts just amazed me. Haha
We also saw baboons along the road. And we stopped at Murchison Falls- it was beautiful!! 

(And another "ant" hill- that's what we thought they were)

Anyway- onto the safari and then the details of today.

The safari was amazing! We saw elephants, giraffes, some kind of buffalo, all sorts of antelope, baboons, hippos, a rabbit and a rat. 

We also saw this tree that my mom thought people hung actual sausage in.
That was pretty funny!
I will have to show you more pictures of our safari later.
So as we are waiting on the ferry, Joe calls me and asks if I have internet access and if I have seen the email. We got an an email stating our document check appointment was scheduled for Monday at 11am! We could not believe it! Unfortunately I didn't have my documents I needed for the appt yet from my attorney..
So last night (Sunday night) we had arrived back from the safari, and Patrick dropped off my file at midnight. I was so exhausted! I had to leave it for the morning- there was no way I would be able to look at it all then. So I went to bed around 12:30. the boys had a rough night and both had me up at 5! By 7 I had them back down again, grabbed my files and started going through them. It was a stressful morning. I had myself all worked up and felt sick but God worked everything out!!
So the 4 of us- Myself, my mom and the boys arrived around 10:45 am to make sure we were on time for the 11am appt.  We were seen around 11:30 and I had everything but their 2x2 passport photos. I could not find them! All I had were the small ones. So the lady said they would look over my file and I had 30 minutes to go get new ones reprinted and return to the embassy. I was anxious let me tell you, but the lady was very nice about it. We hopped back in the car and went back to the photo place to get more copies of the 2x2 photos. (Ps- I found my originals while waiting back in line at the embassy, AFTER I went and had more made lol)! Oh and I also had some spelling errors in my file but because I got it the day before there wasn't anything I could do but point them out during doc check. She didn't like "all" the errors (there were only 3) but she took it and made notes for me. So when I returned, I dropped off the passport photos, paid for the visas and she told me to come back at 3pm for my exit interview. Awesome!! So while I was dropping off the photos, the driver took my mom and the boys back to the house. Because after the document check I needed to go into town and see my lawyer so that I could go over everything and prepare for the exit interview. I got stuck in traffic but tried to stay calm knowing Gods got this!! He has brought me this far. 
After I talked with the lawyer for about 30 minutes I headed back to the house to get my mom and the boys for the exit interview at 3. We were so blessed to be seen the same day. 
So... The exit interview. Wow, talk about prayer. All the prayers surely calmed my nerves and I was ready! I was told to not let the embassy fluster me and to argue my case, I didn't have to do too much of that. He asked me questions about their story and mostly about what happened to the parents and why I didn't know more, or the family didn't know more.... We were in the tiny room for about 35-40  minutes and he told us to step out and he would call us back. After about 15 minutes he called us back in (mind you- this is a room not much wider than the door itself and has a glass window in it and you pass things back and forth like a teller window. You could maybe fit 4 adults standing in that room) 
Anyway, he said that he doesn't have any problem with their paperwork or their story but the twins grandmother has HIV so he wanted to boys tested (again) but by IOM this time instead of from the hospital. So now here we are. Everything went great, and this is something that can be easily done it just takes some time. We don't know how much time yet- it could go quickly. I will hopefully know more tomorrow when the lady calls me back to schedule an appt with IOM. After that, the results will be sent directly to IOM and they should issue the boys their visa's. 
So all in all- a great, exhausting day!