Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I was awarded the Liebster Blog Award

I am so excited to get my first award from, Christi, over at The Chapters Of Our Lives. She has awarded me with the Liebster Blog Award!! I am touched that she chose my blog!! Thank you Christi!

The Criteria: The Liebster Blog Award is meant to showcase bloggers who have fewer than 200 followers. This is all done in the spirit of pay-it-forward.

The Rules: You must mention and link to the person who awarded you with Liebster, and mention 5 other blogs with fewer than 200 followers who you think worthy of the Liebster!"

"‘Liebster’ means ‘favorite’ or ‘dearest’ in German. This award, which originated in Germany, recognizes up and coming bloggers! In accepting this award, I agree to:
  • Thank the person that gave me the award and link back to their blog
  • Copy and paste the award to my blog
  • Reveal the 5 blogs I have chosen to award and let them know by commenting on their blog
  • Pay it forward by awarding it to bloggers they would like to honor

The five blogs I’m passing the award along to are featured below.  These are all blogs with fewer than 200 followers and they all have truly touch my heart! I love these blogs!

"Raising boys, staying sane, finding deals, freebies, giveaways and more. Just another mom trying to survive young boys."

She is REAL and I love it!! You have to see her latest Real Bellies post!
Stop by here blog!

Jennifer over at Craft Sew Design
"I love to create.  It is kinda like therapy for me!  Some people lay on a couch...I glue down an embellishment!  My newest crafting sensation has been sewing.  Never thought of myself as the sewing type, but here I am owning a sewing machine & loving it!
Above all, I love God. I am a born again, spirit filled Christian.  God is my best friend.  I am so blessed that he calls me His daughter.  He is an AWESOME Father.  Love him soooooo much!!!"

Stop by her blog

Janelle of Simplistic Beauty
"A Wife to Wonderful Husband of 3 years. A momma to a little 16 Month old Levi. I Live in a cute little neighborhood. My husband remodeled our house. I love Jesus with all that I am."

Stop by her blog

Megan from The Mrs.
"I am a newlywed blogger. I am a wife to a precious man of God. I love Jesus and my relationship with Him. I am a mommy to be and loving every minute of it"

She has an amazing iBelieve series that had me bawling yesterday- read about that here
Stop by her blog

Heather over at morey girl
"I am a Christian, a wife, a mother of two boys, and I love to make things! You are invited to take a little look inside my life with all the crazy antics, lovely handmades, cutie little boys, and my hottie husband;)"

Stop by her blog

You are all going to love these ladies if you don't already!!
I am happy to pass on this Liebster "dearest" Award to them ALL!

HAPPY MOMMY & a surprise

I am SO EXCITED because after about a year, I have finally made THE necklace that I have wanted for so long! The necklace that started my love for hand-stamped jewelry!


I believe I saw Little Miss Momma wearing one and I have longed to make one of my very own. 
This little gal is the reason I bought my first stamping kit! There is just something simple about it that just brings pure joy! {insert HUGE giggly smile!}

That's why, I want to give this to one of you lovely mommies. 
I want to make one of you smile! As a mom we do so much for our kids, so I want to do this for  YOU! 

If you would like to enter to win this necklace 
please tell me something that makes YOU smile.
Simple as that. I would love for you to follow this blog but it is not a requirement. 

for an extra entry: 
share this giveaway on facebook for other mommies to enter

Have a blessed week everyone!! 
I will pick a winner friday!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Handmade Gift Exchange Linkup

This year I was involved in two handmade gift exchanges and it was a lot of fun! I will definitely be doing it again next year! To be honest, I was really nervous about it... you know, what if I can't think what to make, what if they don't like it, those kind of thoughts... I guess thats the good thing about being online  :)
For this exchange I participated with Chrissy over at Boerman Ramblings- great host might I add!

you can click here to see all the wonderful exchanges

So, as we say, small world, for Chrissy's exchange I was paired up with someone from my home town! Crazy, I know! Luckily for me, I got an amazing gift that she was able to drop off at my parents! 

Its a "lap" top desk or breakfast tray or whatever you need it for!
It will work great with the laptop I am hoping to get for Christmas (wink wink)

For her gift...
 I sent her a custom family necklace. I think it turned out cute and I hope she likes it.

her and her husband, their wedding date 
and I used part of a saying from her blog. (Everything has beauty, but not everyone can see it)

What a fun way to start the holidays!!
Have a great week 
Merry early Christmas!!

Tuesday Ten- I am ____ right now

On Tuesday's you find many tuesday ten link ups and this tuesday Miss Mommy hosted one- you can post about anything but she wanted to see if people would follow along with her prompt of:

I am _____ right now:

I am
overwhelmed by a post I read earlier, and so joyful to have found it.
(more here)

I wonder
What our lives and little family will be like in 5 years

 I see
So much evil in the world, but get so much joy when I see what one small act can do, and how it can effect that evil and turn it into something good

I want
my son to grow up to be a Godly man

I pretend
I know what I am doing when I often don't

I worry
that I am failing as a mom. what if's are always in my head

I cry
when I am alone and have time to reflect on everything God has done for me

I hope
for God to bless our family and allow it to grow 

I dream
Of meeting my little angel in heaven one day

I feel
so loved by an awesome God that it breaks me down to tears 

Please join in and let me know!

Linking up with


Top Ten {Tuesday}


I am sitting here catching up on blog reading while my little one naps and I came across the giveaway over at The Mrs. (great giveaway by the way! Aimee from ByAimee is giving away a favicon & signature!) But that's not what caught my eye. The Mrs. has an iBelieve button that caught my eye. I had read her latest one about God's timing but this time it hit me even harder. She reminded me of this verse-

8 “For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
   neither are your ways my ways,”
            declares the LORD.
9 “As the heavens are higher than the earth,
   so are my ways higher than your ways
   and my thoughts than your thoughts.
Isaiah 55

Our plans are not always what God has in mind for us, and believe you me, His way and plans are FAR greater than my own! Sometimes it is just hard to remember. We are "I want it now" people.

After I read that I kept going and followed a link to iBelieve Prayer. This one broke me down! It just hit home for me on how dumb I am sometimes and how busy I let myself get. There is nothing more important than spending time with God, yet why do I go through the motions every day and forget to stop and speak to Him.

This is the part that moved me and had me crying

"Last night I couldn’t sleep, so I prayed. I prayed over every single thing that popped in my head. Everything. Even for my puppies. I prayed for someone random who popped into my head that apparently needed some prayer. I prayed for loved ones. I prayed for those who were sick. I prayed for my preacher. I laid my hands on my husband and prayed for him.
Then I stopped. I listened. 

“It’s good to hear from you, daughter. I’ve missed you. Let me hold you and comfort you for a little while.”

I began to cry… and pray… and sing praises. It was a really great worship service, I tell ya.
I’ve missed Him.
He’s missed me.

I’m coming back to you, Jesus. Forgive your child for being… dumb?
I love you Jesus. Use me."

God is so amazing, and He loves us so much! 

"For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." – Jeremiah 29:11

He wants nothing more than to spend time with us and to bless us! 

I am so grateful and thankful for women like Megan that allow God to use them! Thank you Megan for this reminder! I truly believe God loves us more than we will even know and He wants wants best for us- Always! 

Monday, November 28, 2011

My simple moments

What an amazing Thanksgiving weekend we had! 3 family gatherings and lots of food!! I am afraid to check the scale. Such great fun with family!

My simple moments 

With my husbands family

Hanging out with my parents (watching his Praise Baby DVD)

And off to spend time with my side of the family. We don't get the chance to see them very often so it was great to get some pictures! (little guy with Kayla & then with me and my grandma- isn't she so cute!) 

PS- yes my husband was there too but sadly we have no pictures :(

wait! found one from this weekend!
my boys!

Sunday Snapshot

and then, she {snapped}

What Makes You Smile Monday

Christmas Decor on Etsy

I am really excited to be able to decorate for Christmas!!
What amazing ideas people have and here are some beautiful etsy finds!

Have a great week!!

And don't forget to stop by my shop today for 15% off with code "CYBERMONDAY"

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Great giveaway

Hey everyone! Hope you are having a great weekend with family!

I wanted to make sure you all knew about the amazing giveaway over at Through the eyes of the Mrs.
There are amazing shops involved and of course a shop credit to mine!

Stop by to enter!!

Be In The Moment

Ashley over at Luce has a great challenge for us all this weekend and I can definitely say that I have done so.  She challenges us all to simply be in the moment this holiday weekend! Spend time with those you love and enjoy each and every moment with them. I have had such a great few days with family and it isn't over yet! I hope you are all having a great Thanksgiving!!

Friday, November 25, 2011

I'm blank because

Hey everyone I hope had and and are having a great Thanksgiving!
I am sure you have run across the post by Little Miss Momma - I'm blank because....
She really opened up and share some things about herself so I thought I would join in and I would love to see yours!

I'm weird because...
I have a slight fear of elevators
I randomly crave pickles ever since having my son
I like to sleep with one foot under the covers and one out
I do not like to be touched while sleeping
I will fast forward through scary parts of a show

I'm a bad friend because...
I usually text rather than call
I am horrible at making play dates until last minute
I dont get out much anyone to do things
I have high expectations of a true friend

I'm a good friend because...
I listen and honestly care
I will be there for you when you need me
I hurt when you hurt
I cherish true friendship
I set high standards for myself as a true friend

I'm sad because...
I am have been horrible at keeping up on my blog lately (I will do better!)
I cant seem to lose those last 5lbs

I'm happy because...
I have a wonderful husband who loves me
I have a son who lights up when I walk into the room
I opened up my etsy shop this August and I am loving it!
I have gotten the chance to meet some amazing ladies online
I got to go on a date with my husband tonight

I'm excited for...
Family bonding time
Playing games
Holidays with a 1 year old
Starting our own family traditions
Our first Christmas gathering at our home

Sunday, November 20, 2011

30 Days of Thankfulness- Day 20

I am so thankful for this little boy and his creativity! He gets so much joy from the oddest, silliest things. I learn so much from this little boy and am reminded daily to SLOW down and look at the important things! To be more childlike, both in life and with God. Simple, trusting, true. 
This little boy trusts me completely, he never wonders if I am going to drop him, or hurt him. He gives me 100% of his trust and I want to do that with God

"Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of God. Assuredly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God as a little child will by no means enter it." — Mark 10:14-15 (NKJV)

I am so Thankful for this SMILE (even when he is sick, he still smiles)

Sunday Snapshot

and then, she {snapped}

What Makes You Smile Monday

Give Love Spark- The People I love and WHY

I absolutely LOVE this weeks Spark! Ashley is amazing! Have you stopped by to see what she has been up to lately?

Please stop by her blog to read and understand more about her Spark!!

You can do that by clicking HERE

Just SOME reasons why....
Love, Natassia

Friday, November 18, 2011

Yay! I was featured!

May I get all excited with you all!!
I was featured over at J&M's Eye Candy!!

Thankful for meeting and finding fun blogs and ladies!

Check it out!!

Inspiration Workshop: THANKSGIVING

This week's inspiration workshop with Gussy Sew's! The promp-THANKSGIVING!! There is so much to be thankful for!! To me, Thanksgiving is all about FAMILY! Spending time with those we love and eating lots of food (of course!) Holidays have always been about family but since having our son they mean even more!  Yes it is hard to get together with everyone and every function, but no matter what, I am so thankful for my very large extended family!




Last Year's Thanksgiving(s) -3 feasts! 

I am so thankful for my little family. My wonderful husband who loves me and the joys of our little boy! 
God has truly blessed us!

So what are you thankful for this year?

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Christmas is approaching fast!

I cannot believe how fast Christmas is approaching! I am not forgetting about Thanksgiving but I am very excited for this holiday season. My son is about to be 15 months and is a big ball of fun and energy! It will be such a great holiday!

With that in mind- I would love for you to consider Nat's Knapsack for that little extra special gift.
I would love to create a custom hand-stamped family necklace for you or that someone special.

Or a simple smaller family necklace for you or a daughter

Another example of a family necklace I made for a friend

There are pre-stamped verse necklaces or you can custom make your own
Here is a pre-stamped Be Still necklace 

I also have lovely flower pendants

one of my favorites

I would love to help you with Christmas!
Stop by my shop for more!

30 Days of Thankfulness- Day 16

I am very thankful for the little mommy moments at midnight with my almost 15 month old. I was tired but its nice to know I can still cuddle and rock him to sleep when he isn't feeling well.  Poor little guy.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hoo Are You

Hey everyone- This week has been a little off with my unwelcoming visit to the ER. All is well here and I am doing MUCH better. I feel like I am so out of it and can't quite get down what day it is :)

Night Owl Crafting had 5 questions for us last week that I missed and since she is not doing any this week, I thought I would catch up and answer her questions from the 7th. . 

She gives out 5 random question so that you might be able to learn some fun things about me and hopefully I can learn the same about you.

I would love to read about yours! Let me know so I can stop by!

This weeks 5 questions are....

1. Do you type on a keyboard the correct way or do you peck like a cute little chick? I definitely peck, I can sorta type correctly but I have made my own way :)

2. Typically how long does it take you to get ready in the morning? To do everything- shower, makeup, hair, find something to wear etc... it would take me an hour. I have done it in 30 minutes.

3. Do you prefer lip gloss or lipstick? I am a gloss girl

4. Do you take clothes to the dry cleaner or wash them yourself even if they say dry clean only? I wash them myself

5. Do you prefer Wal Mart or Target. Target!!