Me and Mine

Hi I'm Natassia of Nat's Knapsack. I first started blogging a few years ago (on a different blog) about my first pregnancy. I wanted to document the journey and I am very glad I did. My pregnancy ended with a miscarriage September 9, 2009. I found a lot of comfort in blogging and simply writing out my feelings.  Today, here at Nat's Knapsack, I have found a place where I find crafty ideas, make my own, share my dreams and tell you whats on my heart. Simply put, this is my place where I empty out my thoughts, just like seeing into a woman's "knapsack". I have met some amazing people through blogging and have been very blessed with the direction God has taken this blog.

A little more about me...

I am an ohio resident
I am married to an amazing man who drives me crazy, the good and bad kind,
and I give it right back to him. Lol

We were married on 8/8/08 in Riviera Maya Mexico
You can see more about it here

I mentioned our miscarriage, but then on August 18, 2010 we were blessed with a son.
This little guy has changed my life! 
Can you believe this little guy is 4.

As for me-
I am now a stay at home mom (my dream come true)
I am a lover of Christ and born again Christian
I love crafts and wish I had more time for them
Some day I hope to have a house full of kids (God willing!) 

Here is a look at me & mine

This year we also have some exciting news- we are adding two more to 
our family. We are adopting twin boys from Uganda! It has been a long road, and
not over yet, but I'm excited to say that they will be joining us soon!

I also took a leap of faith and opened up an etsy shop, Nat's Knapsack
I LOVE creating these pieces and have truly met some amazing people! 
You can check it out here

I am enjoying this journey of finding just where God wants me to go with my life, this blog and my shop! I appreciate you stopping in and checking it out. I hope you come back soon!


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