Thursday, January 23, 2014

Polar Vortex Projects

Well winter has finally gotten the best of me. I go stir crazy being inside and it ends up with too my pinterest and a lot of moving things around. :) Today I was actually productive and hung up all my pictures and frames that have been in a pile waiting for a house. I must say, it was quite fun and i'm pretty proud of myself. (Can I say that)

My project started on the floor, in a giant mess. What to use and not use

After that I tried placing them on the ground in the arrangement I wanted. The problem I had with that was that my floor was not as big as my wall. I was running into things. So even though I loved it on the floor, it wouldn't fit on the wall. and that simply doesn't work now does it. 

Next I decided to trace and cut out the frames I wanted to use and tape them to the wall. 
This worked out amazingly

I was able to place them and step back and have a look. Then when it was time to hang them I could hammer my nail right into the paper and tear it down after. 

When I first started out all I had on this giant wall was one giant mirror that I had hoped to decorate around. When I took it down i had no intention of using it again on this wall. I actually taped off a space for a large (24x28) picture and frame I would like to have one day. 
Once everything was up, I couldn't be happier. It turned out perfect, but I needed to put the mirror back on the wall for safe keeping. I do have a 3 year old running around and this mirror is one heavy beast. Take a look - it actually fit with everything else

So fun

What have you been up to during this polar vortex?

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  1. Great job!! I love hanging pictures - we have a photo wall going up our stairs :)


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