Friday, May 9, 2014

Adoption Update

Dated: may 2014
Hey everyone! I know I've been asked a lot lately about an update and so I am here to give you one.
Our update is really that there is no update. Man is this a hard and long journey. I contacted the agency this week to see if they had any further news for us and they really didn't. 
The one thing she told me was that the families in front of us have requested either siblings or a young baby so that gives me some hope, but the likelyhood of anything happening anytime soon is slim to none. 
Right now in Uganda the courts are changing again and things have slowed down yet again. I'm not sure if this is normal for an agency to really have nothing to tell us, or if it's just ours. Either way, there isn't much we can do but pray. 
I do know that God has His perfect timing and a plan for our family and lives but honestly I still struggle. It's a hard thing to hope for when there is little to do. My heart longs for a bigger family but I am so thankful for the one I have now. I am very blessed and sometimes I just need a reminder of that. :) 

Thanks for asking and thank you for your prayers during this waiting period. 

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