Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The unknown...

Once again I stare at our nursery wondering and imaging what it might look like 6 months from now... Picturing how it will be set up and the nights I will spend in it.
I lay here unable to sleep, praying for my family and the changes that we so hope for. What will happen, when will we go, how long will I be over there without the other half of my family... The unknown is hard for me to handle. I am a planner. I like to map out the possibilities and know my options. I like to be in control... This is me not in control... I know God is teaching me to fully trust. To open my heart to the unknown and to pray; pray like I've never prayed before. He is teaching me and helping me grow in Him. I just don't always remember to listen and learn what He is showing me. I get frustrated, upset and sometimes angry. I think things are unfair and don't make sense... BUT deep down I know that He has a plan and His plan is FAR FAR greater than my own. 

Someone shared this (below) tonight and it was such a blessing to read. God used her to talk to me and give me a great reminder and a good cry. 

We Gotta have faith!! (And now that song is in my head) 

Thanks for your prayers, love and support!!

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