Thursday, April 23, 2015

5 months later

5 months. FIVE MONTHS! Part of me feels like the twins have been a part of our family forever and the other part can't believe its been 5 months.  Wow, what a change in our family. From 1 boy to 3. Its been great and crazy ha. If you have been wondering how we are doing, we are doing great, we are exhausted but we are doing great. The twins are adjusting amazingly. We couldn't be happier with how they are bonding to us, family, friends and how they are bonding with Nolan. That is my favorite attachment to see grow and change. Maddox and Nolan seemed to hit it off right away. Maverick, well he was a little slower. Now he is started to get in there and play as well. To listen to them all laugh and yell in excitement is truly a blessing. They all also fight, ha. Being a mom to just one I didn't see that much before. Maybe a little between friends but not very often. Now you can screaming in our house a lot.  One has a toy the other wants, or someone has the cup the other wants, or someone is hugging someone else who doesn't want to be hugged. Lol Needless to say, our house is much louder, but our hearts are truly fuller. I do feel blessed to be called these 3 boys mommy. To hear Maverick & Maddox say "mama" just makes my heart smile. The looks I get now, and the smiles, I have truly been given an amazing gift x2.

20 Weeks with us
17 months
Has 4 front top, 4 front bottom teeth, and 3 molars, says so many words (outside, thank you, diaper, mama, dada, drink, eat, up and so many others) and likes to repeat things you say.  He is really starting to open up and be more social. Its really neat to see. He crawls like Nolan used to, with one knee and one foot. Maverick is my snuggler, he will sit on my lap and snuggle and give kisses. 
Has 4 front top, 4 front bottom teeth, and 4 molars, is starting to talk more. He was the first to talk and I know he can, but he likes to let his brothers talk for him. He does the best when Nolan asks him to say something. :) He clings to mommy when people first approach but eventually opens up and plays and smiles a lot.  He crawls on his knees and is quick. Maddox is Nolans buddy and they play together so well. 
They both love playing with balls, balloons, bubbles and being outside. They are both very ticklish and I love to hear them laugh. They both walk, and walk quickly, with the walkers aka pushers as Nolan calls them.  They both LOVE to eat and would eat all day if they could. 


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  1. Awwwwwwww.... so sweet! You have such a beautiful family! Glad to hear everyone is doing so well!


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