Thursday, May 3, 2012

SO very Thankful!

I know it has been over a week but life has been moving so fast!
Last week I took a trip home to see my parents and get my hair cut. It was very much time and I am loving it! 


What do you think? 

I love adding in some Whippy Cake!

Then on monday I was able to enjoy a b-e-a-utiful day outside with my family! 
It was perfect!!

Tuesday my husband surprised me with flowers! 

I was very excited to get us all outside and start getting dirty, and dirty we got!!

I didn't realize how much dirt & mulch could stick to a boy LOL
Is was another PERFECT day and a fabulous start to our week!

Then the BIG day! 
Wednesday May 2nd... I turned the big 30! 
I still can't believe it! At first it was a hard pill to swallow but now it's an exciting thing in my mind!
Its the start of a whole new decade for me. One filled with love, joy, & excitement! I can't wait to see what this decade holds for me and my family!
God has BIG plans! 


What are you thankful for??

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  1. Your haircut is fabulous! And I turn the big 30 this year also! {gulp}

    Love this post!


    1. Thank you Samantha!!! It was a bigger change than I thought it would be but I love it!! ps- 30 is pretty great- don't worry :)

  2. First off... love the hair cut and where do I find one of those headbands? Adorable! Second... HAPPY BIRTHDAY :-) Thirty isn't so bad. I am 32 and I am enjoying every minute of it. I was scared at first too but after the first week I was totally over it.

  3. love love the hair! I just recently cut mine in almost the same style! it looks great on you! thanks for linking up over at The Elf House!

  4. Natassia,
    I absolutely, positively without a doubt LOVE YOUR HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!! Cream of the crop darling!!!!!!!!! :) and....
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Welcome to the 30's - may you be BLESSED beyond measure! :) It's going to be a GREAT time!!!
    Love the mud pictures AND the one with the duck :) SO GREAT! we happened upon some ducks at the Barnes and Noble, and josie wanted to "say hi" so she crept over, spooked them and they flew away, making me almost pee my pants, and josie scream! We are quite the pair!!
    Lots of Love,

  5. Love the hair cut - and the muddy little boy :)

    30 is awesome - I am having SO much more fun in my 30s than I did in my 20s :)

  6. Happy Birthday!! I love your haircut! I think I already said that on instagram but oh well, I am telling you again!

  7. Ohmygoodness. Your haircut is BEAUTIFUL!!! I am LOVING it!!! It looks great on you!!! Yay :)
    Happy happy happy birthday!! Many blessings to you in this upcoming year! May it bring you much happiness and many smiles!
    What a cute, messy boy! ;)

    Thanks for linking up to First Day of My Life's Thankful Thursday! <3

  8. I love the tumbler quote. :) cara from carina's

  9. Happy birthday! And I think your hair looks fabulous.


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