Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Being his mommy

I just simply adore this little boy and being his mommy. The last two days have been especially fun because we have been running errands, just the two of us, and he has come along with a smile. On Monday we actually went to 8 different places in about 4.5 hours, and I was very proud of him.. He walked with me, held my hand, snuggled me when I carried him and was quiet and happy when in the stroller... It was one of those days that exhausted you but filled you with such joy at the same time. Simply amazing and I loved every minute. It's these moments that remind me just how blessed I am to be able to be a SAHM.

So, after the last two days, even though he was before, he is even more so now, a mommas boy. In the morning when he wakes up and calls out for me "mommy, where are you?" it is the best way to wake up. When I'm busy in one room and he is in another and suddenly wants my attention "mommy, where are you"  I just can't help but smile. I am told one day will come when I will want to change my name from mommy to anything else, but I hope I always remember these moments and how hearing my name called "mommy" just melts me. There is a love for this little boy that I never knew could exist.

On monday, while making our 8 stops, our first one was to Starbucks.
 I got my favorite iced coffee and purchased two cake pops. 
He wasn't too sure at first

But he soon realized how much he LOVED it

and I love being able to treat him.

Prior to going out for a cake pop, I attempted to pre-pack for this weekends trip to the beach. 
I needed to take a look at what I had and see if anything was needed. 
This little guy wanted to be close to mommy and so he took a nap while I went through clothes.
See him in my mess 

He is such a blessing and I thank God every day for this little boy and for my big boy :)

These two are my favorite gentlemen 
Love you both so much

The Fontenot Four
bits of splendor monday


  1. This is such a sweet post! God was smiling down on you when you took him out! What a successful day. This is encouraging to me! I am so glad to be a mommy, too!

  2. What a lovely post!! I love when my girls call *mommy* because I know that this season of wanting me all the time will pass and I'll be missing it!

  3. Super sweet you are blessed! I love those special one on one times with my little ones- times that you will forever cherish!

  4. he is so so so cute with that cake pop! being a momma is great, isn't it!? i love watching you enjoy so many awesome moments with him. keep it up girl!! :)

  5. Your little boy is so precious! I stumbled across your blog from...someone else's blog! ha. I'm a newbie so I'm searching them all out...glad I came across yours - my sweet little girl has yet to talk...besides mama and dada, but I'm like you - I've heard one day you'll want to change your name, but I hope I remember the sweet moments of them first saying mommy. good post!

  6. Stopping by from Cami at First Day of My Life. Your son is so precious! You have such lovely blog. Glad I found you. :)

  7. Aww and what a blessing YOU are to HIM :)
    He's a cutie pie!

    Sorry I AM SO LATE!!! I am getting so bad at commenting lately and I feel terrible. Life is just nuts - for the best - sometimes. Thanks for linking up to Thankful Thursday with First Day of My Life <3


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