Saturday, March 30, 2013

Paperwork, more paperwork and fingerprinting

The home study and adoption paperwork is in full swing. I surely had to learn how I needed to organize all the paperwork very quickly. You have adoption agency paperwork, home study paperwork for your agency, home study paperwork for you and your social worker, other social worker paperwork copies and then a dossier list. Multiple copies for each, some in color, some notarized, some originals- you get the point. Lots and lots of paperwork to bring our sweet little boy home. I do have to say that, so far, the paperwork has helped to somewhat calm me. Yes it adds stress too, but the fact that I am doing something to move the process forward gives me some hope. This week we have worked on background checks and fingerprinting. Next week its doctor appointments, a fire inspection (hopefully) and our first social worker visit April 8th.

Things are slowly but surely moving forward

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  1. So how did the first social worker visit go? Email me! Miss you, lovey. I'm going to pray for you all tonite as soon as I'm done with this comment.


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