Friday, September 12, 2014

Our Little Secret is Out

We are so happy that we got to share with family and friends 2 weekends ago that 
We finally got our paperwork and are so excited to announce that we are adopting twin boys from Uganda. They are just under a year old and we are now praying hard that we can go get them soon before courts close again around Christmas. This whole process has been long and extremely hard. When you start the adoption process you are told these things but until you are faced with them yourself its hard to imagine. Just like I can't imagine how it will be to actually go get them and stay there for 6+ weeks. I have been talking to and reading blogs about families who have and are currently in the process of adopting. That has been a huge blessing.
So, where we are now- Now we wait some more. We are waiting to heard from a judge when our court date is so we can go over and get our boys. This waiting process is by hard been the hardest. We now know who our boys are and to not be able to do much for them is extremely difficult. As a mom you want to tend to and care for your childs needs and make sure they are cared for. We are an ocean away and I can't hold them, or rock them or make sure they have what they need. Its killing me. So I pray, I pray God watches over them until we can get there. I pray they get the food they need (we are paying for formula for them now) and I pray they get their health back up. 
We are coming boys- and mommy & daddy can't wait to love on you. 

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  1. Super dooper amazing! I saw your IG post and am so happy for you :)


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