Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas 2011

I love capturing my families moments here on my blog. I love sharing about those closest to me and I love being able to quickly look back at wonderful events! So here is a sneak peek of our
Christmas in pictures

Christmas morning!!
It was great having all 4 grandparents here at our house on Christmas morning!!

Our little mister with Grammy (MIL)

I love this picture of them both so intently looking and opening his gift

Me and my boy rockin' out! 
Playing with his new rug

My family

 My wonderful in-laws!  

Some great family memories!

It was a great Christmas! 

Me & my silhouette! 

And I just know next year is going to be just as wonderful!

Have a Happy New Year!!


  1. awe..was hoping there was a pic of nolan with his MiMi! loved coming down for Christmas!


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