Thursday, December 1, 2011

Craftaholics Anonymous Gift Exchange Link Up

So you saw my post about my other gift exchange (here). I also entered the exchange over at Craftaholics Anonymous.


Well I received my gift from Lisa (over at Lisa Gray's Creative Ventures) and I was so touched by these gifts! First of all she WRAPPED my gifts! Such a fun thing to get in the mail!! Take a look!

She made me a slouch hat/beret, an ornament and a bracelet with my son's name. 
I LOVE them and I will tell you I put the bracelet on right away and haven't taken it off!
I am wearing the buret too and love it!!

Thank you so much Lisa!! 

I really hope she likes her gifts I sent her!
I was so excited to make this! I just received this new lowercase font and was hoping to capture some of the names that make up Lisa. 
Trusting, Loving, Creating is something I found on her blog and would mean something for her. 

I also sent her a ring in her favorite color and a simple white flower necklace (one of my favorites)

Merry early Christmas

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