Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Its My Insta Life full of Joy

What an awesome weekend!! I had such an amazing time and what pure joy! 
I love my family!!

This is My Insta-Life Weekend!

 We had a great day at the mall checking out the choo choo trains!
My son and Mimi (my mom)

Me and my little man! 

This picture cracks me up! He gets so excited behind the wheel! 
We were waiting for Chipotle to open so he got to "drive"
while daddy texted :) 

We had a great family night at a hockey game and there was even
a small concert after. He loved it (for the short time we stayed) 
It was great to watch him dance away!

Pizza time!!

He does loves his apples too! 

It was a great weekend and I can't believe it is tuesday already! 
I feel so blessed!

So, what were you all up to this week???

I am excited to link up with Lani over at Its My Life and I Love It
She is hosting an instagram link party! 

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  1. Cute pictures! Me? Nothing as exciting as Choo Choo trains, or hockey games (you guys look so cute!). We got 3 more inches of snow and are anxiously awaiting Spring!! Have a great week :)


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