Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Coffee Date

Good morning friend, I am glad you stopped in for some coffee. I have tea, pop or water if you would rather. I want to say that I really enjoy these friday coffee dates. It sometimes the one day that I am able to really sit back and share. 

Its been a good week, it actually went really fast for me. I am still in shock it is friday. I will say that the last few days I have been taking it a little easy. I am having some abdominal pain and not able to get around as quickly as I would like. {nothing I can't handle though} I would just ask that you say I quick prayer that God reach down and take it away. I know He can! 
In Nov I ended up in the ER with a ruptured cyst and I am praying this doesn't turn into a replay. So for now, I am taking it easy. I am truly blessed with an amazing husband who has been so great. He gets me pain meds, makes me dinner, helps around the house and this morning he got our son out of bed before he left for work. Giving me a little more time to relax in bed til I hear little feet coming in my room. {I do love seeing him come find me!} 

This week has been cooler but the last two days have been nice so the little and I spend some much needed time outside! I am pretty sure he would live outside forever if I let him. 
He absolutely LOVES to collect sticks. He walks around saying "sticks, sticks" I love it!

He even put some down to go chase after a little girl on her bike. Oh boy...
But what a cutie!!

I have also been busy reading The Hunger Games. I am sure you have all heard of it by now. I think I was a little behind and just started a week ago. {oh and just some info, if you are an amazing prime member you can borrow these books from amazon for free!)

I finished the first book and am starting the second. I stayed up til 2am the other night to finished book one. I didn't want to go see the movie before I finished the book and I am really excited for a girls not out with a friend! Now to find a day that works- YAY! 

I am also reading another book for small group (Love & Respect by Dr Emerson Eggerich) I mentioned it last week and so far it has been amazing. I truly am looking forward to whatever God has in store for us and the other 3 couples in our group! 

Anyway, I better run. My son has finished his breakfast and its time to play.
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 
I look forward to hearing from you and anything you have been up to! 

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  1. I hope your abs starting feeling better - hope everything is ok!! :)
    Oh my you'll fly through the last HG, too. Sooo amazing!
    Happy Friday - have a blessed weekend! ox

  2. Love you tons girly...happy friday coffee day:) you are my blessing!

  3. You are a reading machine! Good stuff! Hope you feel better and have a wonderful weekend :)



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