Monday, October 27, 2014

Answered Prayers

I really want to share with you how God has moved throughout our whole adoption process. This process has taken about 3 years. 1 year listening to God and waiting to see where He would take us and 2 of which we have spent filling out piles of paperwork, getting fingerprinted umpteen times, medical exams, home studies, updates etc. All to lead us to now. Throughout the paperwork process there were times where I wasn't sure how we would make the deadlines and where the money would come from. God always supplied it and one time He truly put money in our bank, the numbers did not add up and I know He put it there. He worked a miracle for us.
He would move and comfort me through each step. Just when I would feel I couldn't wait any longer and my hope was running out, He would give me a slight glimpse of His plan and remind me to trust Him. It turns out, He knew what He was doing. ;)
God did this again with our court date. As you may have read we got a court date earlier this month, but let me back up a bit and tell you how God answered my prayers.  In late September/early October we were asked if we were ok with a Possible December court date (they were hoping to get us in) but that would mean we would be gone over Christmas (separated from Nolan) and because of the holidays, the process may take longer (8 weeks instead of 6 or 7). We, of course, said yes. We want to get over to them as soon as possible. They are very small, and have been in and out of the hospital and need cared for and loved on by their mommy & daddy. (Not that the home isn't doing all it can for them, they have been great!) So we planned for what we thought might be a December court date. During that time I continued to pray that God would move and take me over to my boys sooner, even that he would allow me to be there for their birthday (Nov 5th). It was a long shot, and not even a possibility in the eyes of our agency, but on October 12th, we got the call that we would be there just days after the twins birthday. We needed to be in country in less than a month- Nov 7th actually. Our court dates is set for Nov 12th, and we are asked to be in Uganda a few days prior for some culture training and to bond with the boys before court. November 7th we land in Uganda, just 2 days after their birthday! God answered my prayer! One that I thought was impossible.

To share a prayer with you; I have a devotional I am reading called "Live A Praying Life In Adversity" by Jennifer Kennedy Dean
As I was reading today I looked back, remembering I had written prayers in the pages and dated them. We knew we were waiting on all our paperwork to be reviewed and for a date to be set.
On 10.6.14 I wrote a small prayer "Dear God, I pray you be with the lawyers, judges & social workers in Uganda. Help them get things moving 'this week' so we can go get our boys." That was on monday and Sunday evening (the 12th) everything was set and we had our date. ANSWERED PRAYER!
So now I pray, and ask that God get us there safely, that He moves again and pushes paperwork through faster than we could imagine and bring us all home to be a family of 5.
I would love for you to pray with me.

We are so excited to finally meet our boys. We leave in 10 days. We will arrive late Nov 7th, sleep, and in the morning get up and go meet our twin boys- Maverick & Maddox.  God is good, all the time! (even when we can't see it and understand it)


  1. So incredibly happy for your family!! Xo

  2. Natassia,

    HI! I'm following your story through the "traveling to U" group on Facebook. We too are in the process to bring 2 home....I identify with your prayers so very much. So much so, that for the last 9 months we've been praying we would get to spend our little girls 1st birthday with her as well. Although we think God is saying, "No" or "wait"....we are REJOICING with you and yours, that he answered such an intricate detail of a prayer!! Hallelujah! Thank you for being a LIGHT...praying for your journey and look forward to following! :) He is GOOD.

  3. What a beautiful blessing this adoption is and I am praying for safe travels and a GLORIOUS meeting of your babies!! Hand picked by God to be in your arms... God be with you!!


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