Monday, August 15, 2011

Big Boy Haircut & Family Fun

Sorry I have been MIA this weekend. Friday morning my little family was able to drive home to see my parents and celebrate my dad's 57th birthday!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDPA! (aka my dad)  :)

It was such a great weekend and we got to see extended family too, not to mention my grandma who is in the nursing home.
She was laying down to rest as we were leaving and I wanted to get a quick shot of her and the little man. 

So.. on top of visiting family... we decided it was time...
Time for a BIG BOY HAIRCUT! I have been trimming it here and there so the boy can see but it was time to hire a professional, aka my cousin Kala :)  She was so quick! It was amazing to watch her!
Our electric went out in the house so we stood outside holding him and she cut with scissors

He did so good!
Not quite done yet...

Me & my little man with his first big boy haircut!
I think he looks adorable!! He is ready to turn 1!

Daddy & Nolan
big boy!

Uncle Ari & aunt Tessa

It was such a great weekend! There was pool time for Nolan with Daddy & MiMi (while mommy did some girl stuff), visiting with GiGi, dinner for my dad, campfire out back and of course some hometown pizza! 

On the way home we stopped to see Joe's parents too.

It was a great trip!
Now time to clean the house, and get ready for his birthday party this weekend!

How can you not get excited when you see what I got in the mail!
Little Monster shirt :)



  1. Cute!!! Way to go on the big boy haircut!!!!! Hard I am sure...but in the end worth it!!!! Nolan Looks adorable!!!

  2. Thanks!! I was going to send you a message to say we did it. :) you inspired me haha :) I do really like it


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