Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tuesday Treasures- Boy oh Boy

I was having some issues with my iMac yesterday and even though I wanted to throw it out the window, I have to say, I tried using my husbands hp laptop and it is horrible! I thought about going a cheaper route and wishing for ANY laptop for Christmas but I dont think I will ever be a pc user again. Back to dreaming about a macbook air.

Anyway... Here is this weeks Tuesday Treasures
I am in-love with the little boy hats, ties and t-shirts, plus I have baby on the brain.
Here is some cuteness for boys
(its been one of those days- somehow I missed a box) :)

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  1. So cute!!! Love it! So know that your little guy has turned one, You are ready for another one? When Levi turned one I started thinking about having a little one....trying to get the hubby one board...Levi, is already 15 months.... I feel like my clock is ticking lol In God's timing! Cute little things though! I love the winter hat! Hear you about the computer... I use my mother-in-law's mac and I love it.... I have a PC Wishing I would have gotton a Mac instead! We almost did!

  2. I know so cute!! Honestly ya we would love another little one. You said it perfectly- all in God's timing


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