Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wine Cork Trivet Kit

Instead of my usual tuesday treasure I wanted to show you something I worked on yesterday.
How awesome is this?! 
Joe's aunt Rose got me a wine cork trivet kit and I was so excited about it I couldn't wait to do it! It was a bit tricky at first but I got it!

First things first- I dumped out all my corks to see which one's to use. (real cork)
I had marked a few from special occasions and wanted to make sure and use those
(and have been saving my corks for years now)

Here is what she got for me 

So I arranged the corks how I wanted them- there are so many ways you could do it, after trying a few, I went the easy way....

2 vertical, 2 horizontal
If you can tell at all, it wasn't tight enough so I got out a knife and cut some corks into smaller pieces as fillers. They send you a sheet of sand paper to get out the rough edges. 

 The instructions suggest you use a hot glue gun, and so thats what I did.
Once I had my layout how I wanted it and everything fit just right, I lifted up 1 cork at a time and hot glued it down. 

I LOVE IT! It comes with a wall mount too so you can hang it up and then use it when needed.

Thanks Ro-Ro!!!!

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