Thursday, August 11, 2011

Me: A-Z

I'm now totally copying Mindy of Marigold Road :)  I love this idea to help get to know everyone a little bit better.

A. age: 29- wow, time does fly!

B. bed size: king foam mattress- I will never go back to a queen! 

C. chore you hate: Oh yes- the toilet! I have some how worked it out that I clean the house but my hubby gets the toilets...  :)

D. dogs:  Chloe- my chihuahua, she is 7 and has been with me since she was a baby 

E. essential start to your day: A snuggle from my son then drinking my Zija  

F. favorite color: oh dear... it changes with the seasons. Right now- hot pink

G. gold or silver:  silver

H. height: 5 ft 7 in 

I. instruments you play: I tried playing the piano, I was ok but didn't stick with it. boo me 

J. job title: Proud SAHM and wifey

K. kids:  Nolan Joseph- 1 year on August 18th (wow!) 

L. live: Columbus Ohio

M. maiden name:  Yoder (yup- I'm from Amish country and was SO close to growing up that way) 

N. nicknames: Tass, Tassi, Little-T or Tigger (only by my dad)

O. overnight hospital stays: tumor removal when I was in highschool, and for the birth of our son. (32 hours after going in, they finally took him via c-section almost 1 year ago.)

P. pet peeve: people who interrupt (Yes-Mindy said this too and I have to say the same! It drives me crazy!)

Q. quote
: If life gets too hard to stand... Kneel 
-Gordon B Hinckley

R. righty or lefty: righty

S. siblings: 1 younger brother -although he is much bigger than me now :) 

T. time you wake up:  when my son does- between 6-7am 

U. university attended: MVNU 

V. vegetables you dislike: pees (im allergic)
W. what makes you run late: Having the unexpected happen when having a child. :)

X. x-rays you’ve had: dental, CT scan 

Y. yummy food: sushi, chinese - yum, now im hungry :)

Z. zoo animal favorite: giraffe  

So this is a little about me- I would love to learn more about you. 
Copy and paste this to your blog, fill in your answers and send me your link!

Enjoy your day everyone!!


  1. Hi Natassia, I am Janelle from Simplistic Beauty, I wanted to answer your question here, cause I didn't know if you would see it on my blog. Anyways, yes it was a little hard to do! I loved Levi's curls. My hubby was saying how he needs a big boy haircut. Once I did it, I loved it! I think he looks so big now! I really do love and don't regret my decision! I love your A-Z post! p.s. I follow you now!

  2. Fun! Just posted up at (I changed a few of them, though. Hope you don't mind!)


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