Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pumpkin Carving Time

What fun we have been having lately. Its been a busy week and I have loved it.

Thursday day and night was amazingly warm and beautiful. (Hard to believe it is storming and snowing now) My mom came to visit and we had friends over to carve pumpkins. My son also joined in on the fun and painted a pumpkin.

Great friends and good times (thank you to my hubby for taking the picture)

Flo and Tricia getting down and dirty pulling out the pumpkin seeds

I told my son he was showing off so he kept saying "Showing"LOL

My girl Flo

We had lots of fun. 
I couldn't believe this was my moms first time carving a pumpkin. 

Spices for pumpkin seeds- YUM

The End Results

Happy Halloween & pumpkin carving folks 

Prayers going out to everyone on the east coast being hit by storm Sandy
Stay safe and warm

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