Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Me, as a Red Head? hmmm

Ok so I need your help. 
I have been talking about dying my hair and I just don't know. 
When I searched red hair these are the ones that kept sticking out to me.

Could I pull it off?? 

Here I am with my current short blonde hair

It would be a big change, but I seem to always be changing my hair. 

It was fun looking back at how I change it. 
I had long blonde hair forever and then it went between
short and long blonde hair to short and long dark hair. 
Maybe red is next...

So... Could I pull it off?? 
I do like changing my hair :) 


  1. i think you could pull off anything. go for it.

  2. You should do it! I can't believe how great your hair looks in all those different styles. Go for it; you'll feel all fresh and new!


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