Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Coffee Date

Hi friend! I am so glad you could make it this week! I am finally able to sit down for a moment! Join me would you? Grab a nice cup of coffee or tea and lets talk about whats going on.

This week was a busy week and the last few days I finally feel like I got a lot accomplished! I sent you a photo earlier yesterday about my breakfast date with my little guy on wednesday. He was a lot of fun. We have only done that one other time, he was 12 months old. Look how cute he was and is! 
August 2011
Feb 1, 2011

Yesterday however was cleaning day and it was so nice to have the house all clean! I know it doesn't stay that way for long but it still felt good and even my hubby noticed. That is always a plus!
I will say that the last few days of sun has really been good for me, what a mood booster!! Top it off with another sunny day today! Its cool outside, but I will take the sun!! 

So... I know you didn't come by to just talk about the weather.
I have been struggling a bit lately with a few things. I am still trying to figure out my day and fit everything into it that I need to. I am not really talking about laundry and cleaning the house, I mean more personal stuff... like working out (both my body and my soul). I keep talking about how I want to be better at having my quiet time each day, praying more and now working out. I think all these things are SO important yet they don't happen often or at all. 
I am sure you have seen this, but its so true!

I seem to just talk... I am not doing! I am also trying to figure it out on my own. You will hear me talk about how I want to do this or do that but I can't tell you how many times I have actually stopped to ask God to help me accomplish these goals--- How dumb can a girl be, right?! 
I can pray for everyone else but I seem to have a problem praying for you? Or am I just odd {small grin, because we all know I am odd, but I like it that way} 
I guess I wanted to tell you this so that you could not only pray for me but help keep me accountable! 

On a lighter note...
Last night when I was on Facebook I came across a post about a new linky tool to help us bloggers and non-bloggers follow along when GFC leaves us. I took the plunge and added it to my sidebar 

I would love to have you follow along and I would love to hear your thoughts.

Anyway, I have done all the talking again and would love to hear more from you. How was your week, have any specials plans for the weekend, and of course, do you have anything you would like me to pray for in your life...

And don't foget, when you need a refill, head over and have another cup and chat with Chrissy from Boerman RamblingsNay form Cover to cover, and Alissa from  Rags to Stitches.

Talk to you soon! 


  1. Hey Nat! I'm going to have to check out that new linky tool! Your little guy is just so adorable and has grown so much. Thanks also for joining the blog hop this week! Hope you have a great weekend :) xoxo

  2. okay, seriously love that me :) The pictures of your little man are adorable!

  3. Thank you ladies!! He is growing up so fast!
    And yes, that quote is too perfect!!

  4. I love this post. Sounds just like me trying to figure out my life and where and how everything will fit in it. I just try and pray that I am being the woman God wants me to be.

    And whaaaaaaa? I didn't know about this Google friend connect. I'll have to check out your link!


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