Monday, February 20, 2012

Silent Sunday

Advocate, Altogether Lovely, Anointed, Amen, Ancient of Days, Apostle, Author, Beloved, Begotten, BRanch, Bridegroom, Bright & Morning Star, Bishop, Captain, Consolation, Chief Cornerstone, Chosen of God, Counselor, Covenant, Christ, Dayspring, Emmanuel, Everlasting Father, Faithful Witness, Finisher of our faith, Firstfruits, Fountain of Life, Friend, Gift of God, Glorious Lord, Horn of Salvation, Head of the Church, Heir of All Things, High Priest, Hell's dread, Heaven's wonder, Holy One of God, I Am, Inheritance, Image of God, Immortal, Invisible, Judah, Judge, King of Kings, King Everlasting, Life, Light, Lily of the Valley, Offering & Offerer, Offspring of David, Omega, Only Begotten of God, Passover, Righteousness of God, Rabbi, Prince of Life, Prince of Peace, Rest, Rock of Ages, Root of David, Ruler, Same yesterday, today, forever, Savior, Servant, Shield, Sinless Sacrifice, Son of David, Son of God, Son of Man, Stone, Sufferer, Tabernacle, Teacher, Treasure, Truth, Way, Wisdom of God, Witness, Word, Wonderful

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  1. Our God has more attributes and honor imaginable! What a great reminder :)He is truly an almighty God! Love this post!


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