Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pinterest, how I love thee

This is my first link up with The Vintage Apple. She has a weekly link up of all things pinteresting.
Here are some AMAZING finds and things I would love to do or wish I had thought of.

source: One Good Thing via Beth on Pinterest

source: via Natassia (myself) on pinterest

Come join in!!

A Night Owl



  1. I recently started boards on pinterest. I am happy to join in. I will hope over to her blog too. I enjoyed my visit to yours. Hugs! P.S> I'm your newest linky follower.

  2. GUH-REAT pins! i recently bought a tray in the hopes of one day making it into an elegant chalkboard! ;)

    we also have a Pinterest party that this would link up lovely to! go check it out!

    kimberly :)


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