Saturday, February 18, 2012

Happy Weekend & A Discount Code

Hey all! I hope you are enjoying your Saturday! I can't believe it but my little guy is 1.5 years old today! He has such the personality and is quite the spunky, fun little boy! He is growing up so fast and going from my little baby to a toddler so quickly! Just this week he has started going right into his crib for nap and bed time, skipping the part were I rock him... It is very bitter sweet.

Anyway, I wanted to celebrate this weekend just because its fun to do spontaneous discounts. This weekend get FREE SHIPPING on any item (domestic shipping only) with code : justbecause

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Have a great weekend!!

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  1. Happy weekend and happy 1.5 year birthday! :)
    I like that "Be Strong" keychain...hmm..I wish I didn't have so many keychains already. Might have to figure something out ;)


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