Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Coffee Date

Happy friday friend!!

If you were here with me today, I would rush you inside since it is quite cold out, and start by laughing and telling you that it has been a rough week, I just lost my dog and oddly enough, that made me laugh. Don't judge me yet...I'll tell you about that in a bit

So, Come in, come in, grab a cup of coffee and have a seat! Let me tell you about my week.
First I will say that I have finally started weaning our little guy off his bottle. He gets it for his nap and bedtime. Its time, and needed to be done. I don't want to be the cause of him having cavities at 2.
Anyway, long story short, because no one wants to hear all the boring details... We started this last tuesday, so 11 days ago. He has done pretty well!  I read somewhere that when you take away the bottle, give him something else to sooth him, like yourself, as in rocking him before you put him down. It took him a little bit, but after about 2 days, he knew what was going on and would snuggle right up to me honestly, it has been sweet. Then today happened. (note: he has been sick this week as well)
At midnight he woke up crying with a fever. I gave him medicine and tried to calm him. He would fall asleep in my arms but as soon as I would put him down he would wake up and cry. It was so tough! I tried everything, I even tried having him lay with me, that does NOT work with him. Then around 1:30 or so I gave in... I didn't know what else to do. He needed sleep and so did I. I gave him a bottle. It did work, we slept some... the morning has been rough and sadly when he went down for his nap... I gave him another bottle. I didn't know what else to do. 
I feel like I failed. I have been working hard to get him over this and I failed. I have been having a woe is me putty party for a little bit, but am doing much better now. I took a break and read this post, from Absolute Mommy. She wasn't speaking directly at me, but what she said hit home. I am doing the best I can, and I am ok with that! My son knows I love him, and I know I want whats best for him. Everything is going to work out just fine, cavity or no cavity. {slight giggle, and hope that its no cavity} 

Ahhh, honestly, sometimes it feels good to just talk about it- talk about my struggles and my mommy moments. Oh speaking of, are you wondering how someone can lose their dog and laugh about it? This afternoon I was baking a pizza. The smoke alarm went off, it does that a lot, so I turned off the alarm, calmed a screaming child, turned on the oven fan, I opened the door into our garage. Its a bit cold here so after a little I closed it and put the little guy down for his nap. (yup this is when he got his second bottle) 15 minutes later the door bell rang, I heard a dog bark. I didn't want her waking our sleeping boy so I called for her hoping she would come and stop barking. Well she didn't come. I went upstairs, she wasn't there, I checked outside, she wasn't there. I panicked, I lost the dog! Finally I remembered I had opened the door to the garage. Yup, there she was, sitting in the dark waiting to let back in. I hadn't realized she went out there, why would she, there is nothing out there for her. Anyway, as horrible as it sounds, it made me laugh. After the long week, sleepless night and crazy morning, it was just plain funny.

So that is been my life the last few days. A little crazy, not a lot of sleep, but a lot of snuggles and love. 
I am grateful for the snuggles and friends who remind me that I am not alone, and I am not failing. 
I truly appreciate YOU and would love to hear about your week, anything crazy happening? 

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  1. LOL - we have 2 dogs and they have both gotten out of our fence before and we didn't know until either a neighbor knocked on our door, or we found them on our porch! To this day we have NO idea how they do it!!

    Don't worry about the bottle. When they are sick you just want to soothe them, and if a bottle does it - awesome!! Just try again when he's feeling better. When we decided to wean Sophie we took to the store and let her pick out *big girl* sippie cups. She was pretty excited to have new cups and that really helped the transition! Happy Friday!

  2. I feel your pain with the weaning! Both of my older boys were off the bottle before they were a year, but Baby E is just different. After I got pregnant with #4, we had to wean him to a bottle and that was really hard for him. Now that he's finally taking the bottle I don't have the heart to take it away. We'll just tackle that one when he (and I) are a little more ready :)

    Glad to hear you found the dog!!

  3. Poor baby boy - I hope he's feeling better:/ and bottle or no bottle - no big deal! We mommies must do what we can and how we can and not feel bad about it. Yes, you are doing an AWESOME job - look at that photo up there - that love in his eyes for his mama...LOVE it.
    And the dog? LMBO!!!!!!!!

  4. okay first let me say when you said lost i thought you meant he died.. glad to know it was just misplaced! next your poor little guy sorry this has been hard and girl i suck at being firm too.. this whole potty training thing sucks. i do great for a few days and then just "forget". or at least that's what i am telling people anyway! HA.. thanks for having coffee with me!


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