Friday, November 28, 2014

Rain, such beautiful rain

Today it rained, the sun shown through the clouds and it rained. We got the call this afternoon that the boys passports were ready and we needed to get down to the passport office as soon as possible. It was almost 3 and traffic was horrible. We weren't sure we would make it.... But first let me back up and show you how God works.
Today was Friday and today was our girls shopping day, or so it was supposed to be. My mom arrived last night and so this morning when the boys went down for a nap, me, mom & Christine went on a walk to the bakery for some coffee and to show mom around. The sun was shining then and it was a beautiful morning. Our plans were to all go out shopping around 2 if we hadn't gotten word about passports by noon. We scheduled a driver (Charles- who is amazing) and he was to arrive at 2. We had called him late so he was further away then we realized and at 2:30 he still wasn't here. Also at 2:30 Joe got the call that our passports were ready after all and he and I needed to head to the office. By 3 Charles was here and away we went, we made it there in record time, even with crazy traffic, God made a way. But do you see? I was supposed to be out shopping with the ladies at 2, I wouldn't have been around and ready to go to the passport office, God held up Charles in traffic to make him late so that he could take us to the office instead of the women out shopping. His hand is in it all. 
So then the rain came. What a beautiful and freeing rain it was. I can't really explain it. We were running through the rain, pretty much the only people (and only muzungus around) running through the rain with huge smiles on our faces as we tried to figure out which tent to go to and pick up our passports. That rain on my face actually felt amazing. I am not one to like to run around in the rain in wet clothes and today I Loved it! 
We finally had or boys passports. 

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