Saturday, November 8, 2014

The day we have been waiting so long for.

Our first full day here- Saturday November 8th
I cannot believe this day is here. Last night we arrived in Entebbe around 10:30pm and was met at the airport by our driver Patrick and our friends Kara & Melody. We came with gifts from home and they came bringing goodies for us. (Thank you!!!) :) After a short drive (maybe around 30 minutes) we arrived at our B&B, Alirikos. 
Patrick called the gate keeper and he let us in and the men (including Herb) helped us with our luggage. It was late so everyone was quiet but so friendly. We made it to our room, I unpacked some and we settled into our netted beds. Oh how Nolan would love his "tent" if he were here. We were both a little wired so we took a sleeping pill and started a movie on the iPad as we both fell asleep. 
As morning came, surprisingly enough we both slept in. I figured we would struggle to sleep, but that unisom did the trick. :) We talked to Patrick last night and knew that he wouldn't be back until 2 to take us to the baby home and meet the boys. So the morning has been filled with unpacking, an attempt at a bath, some breakfast and making new friends.  It's noon now and shortly lunch will be served. After lunch we need to venture out and get a few things (including a pre paid cell phone and Internet access). 
The day is here and our lives are about to change forever!!  We cannot wait to meet the twins.

A picture of our room and the beautiful view! 

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