Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Relaxation day

Oh this was a much needed relaxation day. I was up from 3-5, boys woke at 6:30, ate and fell asleep until we all woke at 9! Wow! We missed breakfast but it was so nice to sleep in knowing there was nothing we had to do today but spend time with the boys. 
So once we got ready we hitched a ride with Herb & Harriet to the nearest bakery and walked back after. 
It was a beautiful morning! I still wasn't feeling the best but after a little something to eat and a walk back to the house, I was feeling much better! I also stopped taking my malaria medicine last night. It was making me feel gross and dizzy. I had lost my appetite so I was weak to top it off.  It just wasn't worth it. Here in Uganda they have medicine that can easily take care of it if I get sick. 
The sites along the way are simply amazing. Simplicity and friendly people! Joe is also now known as Salonga Joe. Which means father of twins. (I am Nalonga Natassia- mother of twins) 
Sites on our walk back
The gate to Herb & Ellens & the outside- our balcony is currently the second (& third) from the left (top)

It was a good day! Maverick has really stared to open up. He now smiles and laughs alongside his brother. Maddox was much quicker to get to smile. He gave us a smile on day two when I was pumping his legs. It was such a precious moment. I can't wait to show pictures of their beautiful smiles!
We have been learning so much about the boys the last few days. 

Maverick: he loves peach & blueberry puffs, bananas, and drinking his milk from a cup- not a bottle. He had been more quiet up until today. He will let me feed him anything. He is a big snuggler and cries when we put him down for naps if he isn't fully asleep. 

Maddox: he is not a big fan of puffs or bananas, although be ate one sunday, he hasn't touched it since. He does not like to be fed and always wants to do it himself. So much so that he will spit out whenever I put in his mouth, look at it and then possibly eat it. He loves to smile and we think he is going to be quite onery.

They are both changing so much! 
When we first got them they didn't make a sound. They just held on and snuggled up to us. Maverick was very cautious, Maddox was too but not as long. 
They were both sick the first few nights/days we had them and on the first night they had temperatures of 102 and Maverick shot up to 103 (rectal temp). It was a scary night. 
Thankfully they are slowly getting better.

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