Monday, November 17, 2014

Waiting, waiting, waiting

Now we wait. We wait for the written ruling to be given to our attorney and for the word that the passport office needs to see us. Then once the passports have been applied for we wait some more and pray. We requested our blue form today (before we got our passport). Currently that is working, that's not to say that could change again. After we get our blue form we head to IOM for the boys medical checks. Then when the medical checks and passports come back we ask for an appointment at the embassy for document check then request our last embassy appointment for the boys visas! Then we head home. It all seems "easy" but it all takes so much time and everything must be PERFECT.
So as we wait we are focusing on the boys health. We want to get them super healthy so we stay around the house a lot. They eat, play, poop, eat, sleep repeat. :) Once they are 110% we may try and venture out more. So for now we pray things move quickly and the boys get stronger & stronger. It also costs to hire a driver so we figured we would do more things when Patrick calls and we have to do adoption related things Togo to as well. When you hire a driver it is the same price for 1 hour as it is for the entire day, and It all adds up fast. 
So while the boys are taking their second nap if the day, we relax, I blog and drink my coffee. I'm still so super excited I found it and my cup! Ha if you know me you know I don't go far without it. 

Thank you all for your prayers! I've been fighting a cold so I'm now taking the cipro we brought so hopefully that will kick in soon. Other than that we are doing pretty good. Just missing Nolan. 

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