Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Coffee Date

Hi friend and thank you for joining me again for coffee. It was great being about to share with you LAST week.
If you were here now I would hug you and thank you for coming! (I am starting to be quite a hugger) I would also apologize for my messy and cold house and take you into, what I call, our green room (its very green in color and I love it!) I would then turn on the fireplace and get us coffee. {nice and cozy!} Once we had our coffee and sat down, I would express how nice it is that we could be alone for a moment. My husband just took our son to get a haircut. Its a cutest things really, he loves having his own father/son moment! This will be only his second time going out with his daddy...On that note we would hear the garage door and see my adorable, no haired (ok just really short) boy walk in- He is too cute!  I would say bye to my husband as he is off to work. ok sorry got side tracked, Now its just the three of us. I hope you don't mind Mickey Mouse Club on in the background as we talk.

This last week has been such a great reminder of how God works through people and shows us love in the tiniest of them all. I have grown quite attached to my neighbors little newborn, and have really enjoyed having her some throughout the day. Boy oh boy does she give me baby fever! I can't wait for God to bless our family with more! I know my house and work will get crazy but I welcome it. {big smile, as I day dream about it} You know, I have been horrible about getting things done this week and I only have one child. I did get some great encouragement from my bloggy friends yesterday, and actually tackled quite a bit of my to do's. It was great checking them off my list. Now I just need to stay focussed and get everything done....

Could I ask that you pray for me this weekend. My friends memorial service is tomorrow. It is going to be hard but at the same time I look forward to meeting all her friends and having the chance to tell all our funny stories. I just know there will be a lot. Kimberly was a spunky lady and I laugh when I think of some of our talks.... {giggle thinking about her}
I also have my husbands Kick Off Party Saturday night, its what they do instead of a holiday party. Its nice though,  we will be getting dressed up and actually leaving the house Ha. I wish I could say I was prepared and ready, but I am not... I always seem to do this. I know about the party in advance but I wait til the last minute to get everything together. I still have no idea what shoes or jewelry I am going to wear.
What do you  think? I got it a little while ago for an amazing deal! I just hope it works- I am not a huge fan of strapless. (I am a tad bit busty- as I say that in a low voice- even though if you were here you would already know that) I do laugh though because I ALWAYS seem to wear black. Its simple, cute and not like anything else I have.

Anyway, I have been doing all the talking- How are you my dear friend? What is going on in your life, is there anything I can pray about?
I would love to hear!

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Talk to you soon! 


  1. oh please send pics to see what you both look like at the Kick Off party...and rub the little babe's haircutted head...mwah!
    always in my prayers and blessed with your friendship dear girl!

  2. I agree with Nay! This is begging for a WIW post! Have fun.

  3. New follower from Through the Eyes of the Mrs. LOVE your shop!! and blog :)


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