Saturday, January 14, 2012

Wall art project

I am very excited about my newest craft! I fell in-love with these signs I found on etsy (pinned them) but sadly could not afford them... so after much thought I decided to try and make them myself! They are not nearly as good as Tiffanys from grace for grace but I think they turned out great!

Here you go...

This project has been something I have wanted to do for so long! It was very therapeutic for me this week. My husband was amazing and helped me sand them, mount the brackets AND hang them up! He is just the best!!

I have a HUGE blank wall needing some attention and these just seemed perfect! 
I made each of my squares 6x6. 
What do you think? 

It was fun mixing colors to try and get what I wanted.
I would like to re-do the LISTEN one sometime but for now, it will do. 

My little helper wanted to paint too so we made an extra for his hand print.
We had to try a few times so it kept getting darker but I think it is cute!!

I do believe my wall went from Drab to Fab! ;)

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  1. link it up to my tuesday link up.. this is so great!

  2. This is very creative! I love it. I think I might work on my own, but I will use the cheap $1 canvas from Michael's. ;)

  3. Hi girl! I LOVE these!! Great job! I have a linky party going on over on my blog today! Would love it if you participated :)

    The Foley Fam Blog

  4. I just love this idea! I have a big wall like that too in the playroom and this would be perfect. Not sure if mine will be as nice as yours, but I can give it a go. I am a new FB fan visiting from Making the World Cuter. Vicky from Mess For Less

  5. Your wall absolutely went from drab to fab! I love it and most of all I love the message they communicate. Can't get any better than that :). I also love how you and Hubs worked together on it! Thank you for linking up to D2F Amiga!

  6. Love it! I will be 'pinning' yours!

  7. This is absolutely adorable:) I think I might make one for my daughters room who is two, but in more girly colors, maybe pastels!! I found you through the Making The World Cuter linky party and I am now Following you! I would love for you to drop by my blog and Follow back at:


  8. Just beautiful. I don't know whether I like the project or the words more.

  9. thank you so much everyone! Some of you I couldn't respond to and I wanted to thank you!!

  10. Such a delightful and meaningful project. Thanks for sharing it on Motivated Monday at beColorful

  11. These are TOO STINKIN CUTE!!! ;) THANKS for linking up to SLEEPY SUNDAY and hope that I will see you again on Sunday!! ;)

  12. I believe your wall went from drab to fab too!! This is great! I have several blank walls that I've been contemplating. This gives me all kinds of inspiration! I found you through a blog hop...I'm not sure how since it is my first one but I found you and I am happy about that. Hope you get a chance to visit and I look forward to your next post.

  13. I am a new follower from the Through the Eyes... Link up! I love this idea. It would be perfect in my hallway, or my little monsters room! :)


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