Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thankful Thursday- thank you Dorian!

Do you ever struggle with something YOU don't know how to get passed? Maybe it is something silly or something someone has done that has hurt you... I am going through that now and it is hard!  I don't know how to get passed it on my own! Its times like this when I am so thankful for the amazing people God has placed in my life! Its things like this, a pin I found on Dorians board, that are just what I needed to read! thank you Dorian

This is so true and I need to remember it more often!!!

Thank you all for being there! 

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  1. Very relevant! It is such a great reminder. Just today I prayed that the lord aligns my will with His. <3

  2. thank you so much for linking up to A Thought for Thursday! love new people! this is a great thought. I'm a big worrier and have to constantly remind myself that I have to have faith in His plan for me and my family!

  3. mwah mwah! you get double kissies today all the way from me to you!

  4. I saw that pin too. I loved it. Thanks for linking up with me!

  5. for real. so, so true! why is it so hard for me to remember this some days! this was a great reminder... and just what i needed. so glad you linked up this week! {new follower}


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