Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What I have been doing...

What I have been up to lately! 

I hear of everyone getting organized in 2012 and for some reason I just did not get that kick in the pants to start on 1.1.12
I finally got motivated monday- 1.9.12- a little over a week late, but at least I started. 
This lovely closet space and mess is from my dear husband. I try to keep up with it but always GIVE UP and let it go. Well I had enough of it and so I sorted, folded, hung up, thew out, donated, and added to the laundry.... this took me about 2.5 hours (I sorted and donated some of my clothes too) and we don't have a huge closet, but it definitely feels bigger now that it is organized! 

This is the lovely laundry that I received after cleaning up the mess. The small one (3rd from the left) is mine, the rest is my hubby's. He has about 5 shirts to every 1 of mine. I don't don't have a lot of clothes and I really dislike clothes shopping. I don't like trying on things that don't fit.

Thankfully I had help {chuckle}

So I am organizing the house as best I can! Next I want to tackle my pantry!


  1. looking great girl i did the kids room yesterday.. of to tackle another kids room today!

  2. I am attempting to do the same thing BUT it is not my house. It is my boyfriend, or should I say future husband. We are moving into his families farm house which has been a bachelor pad for over 50 years, and I am NOT lying. There is wildlife wall paper everywhere, I mean like in 6 of the 9 rooms, along with ugly green colors and OMG don't get me started on the bathrooms and deer paneling to go along with the deer heads. I started last week on trying to get rid of his brothers stuff that was left when he moved in August and his Great Uncles stuff (who passed on Christmas 2007). All of this stuff needs to find a place before 8/25/12 when we marry and I move in...And I am bringing with me a house and a storage unit.... It is going to be an exciting 6+ months. eeekkkkks..

    good luck with the organizing.


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