Thursday, July 7, 2011

Inspiration Workshop: Pamper Yourself

I am linking up with Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop and this week she challenged us to pamper ourselves.  Sometimes getting time to pamper yourself is harder than you think.  So this week I gave myself a manicure and took some time enjoying my new kindle that my husband got me as a late mother's day gift. :) (perfect for vacation- starting friday!!! yay!)
It was great having some time for myself. With a roaming 10 month old some times that is hard to do.

For my manicure I used my new favorite nail color!
"It's Possible" -Nicole by OPI

 LOVE THIS COLOR! I usually go for bright colors but on my fingernails I really love this!
I was also so excited to get my kindle on wednesday- just in time for the beach! My husband, like I said, surprised me with this as a late mothers day gift.  What a sweet guy he is!! Love you honey!

Go pamper yourself if you haven't already and link up to Gussy Sews

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!


  1. Oh a kindle....I have been thinking of getting one, or something like nice he got you one!!

  2. I really like it and so excited to use it on the beach. I also made a cover for it that I'm strutting on saturday :)

  3. Hi, stopping by via Gussy! I have a 14 month old, I understand how hard it is to pamper ourselves..I kind of see blogging as pampering myself though :-)

  4. Thanks for stopping by. Yes blogging has been nice ME time too :) some times I stress over it but I do really enjoy it!

  5. Hey, I'm your newest follower, I found you on Gussy Sews Community! Your blog is so cute and I love that nail polish color!


  6. Thanks Lauralee! That's means a lot! I'm glad you stopped by! :)


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