Saturday, July 9, 2011

Kindle cover

I apologize again and promise to try and do better with showing you how I (attempt to) make things. This week- my kindle cover- I truly didn't think this was going to work out so I didn't bother taking pictures. It turned out ok {big smile I actually did it!} but I will be making myself a better one when I have time.

I have been seeing all these CUTE kindle covers and really wanted one for mine when I got it this week but didn't have time to order one before we would leave. I sat down and put one together. I actually thought it through instead of looking up how to. I guess you could say I'm improving/learning/teaching myself by making mistakes, BUT it was FUN!! I messed up the top but in the end it works. {cheesy grin}

I have an outside print, some batting, and an inside print that is hard to see because I ended up folding over the outside print to hide my unfinished edge. -I messed that part up because you have to do to opening first before to sew the bag together ha oops. (again-learning) Then I added a button to the front, and the funny part, I added a hair tie to the inside and that is what goes around the button to keep the kindle from falling out. ha- its works well

Here it is...

Next time I will know better and do the same steps (with one added for the inside) as the camera strap cover I just made. (just bigger) I had already started this and in the middle of figuring out how to fix it, I did the camera strap cover and realized where I make my mistakes.

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