Thursday, July 28, 2011

Swap Parties

I would LOVE to do a swap party!!
I had not heard of this until today. I know I know, where have I been? :)
But really ~ How fun would this be??
You have a group of women over, have great food and drinks, and ask them to bring themed items from home, such as:

theme ideas

  • kitchen | small kitchen appliances, utensils, bowls, dinnerware, silverware, dining room linens, washcloths, hand towels
  • seasonal  | spring, summer, fall & winter decor
  • home decor | mirrors, art, decorative bowls & containers, plants, picture frames, lamps
  • books | childrens, adult, young adult, research, cookbooks, how-to’s, garden books
  • holiday | yes, every holiday — Christmas, Easter, st. paddy’s day, halloween
  • movies & music | vhs, cd’s, dvd’s for children, family, chick flicks & more
  • (themes from Aimee's blog, Fancy Little Things)

I really like the kitchen theme, or Home Decor would be fun...

So, If they bring 10 items they get to go home with 10 items. (or you can ask everyone to bring a certain number of things) This is a great and fun way of getting rid of gently used items in your home without having a garage sale. Also if things do not get picked, and everyone is fine with what they received, you can donate what's left to Good Will or other charity.

You can go to her site to see more details on how it is done.
Sounds like a GREAT time!
Thanks Aimee for sharing this idea!!

Here are some other sites I found while researching this idea.
Jeanne Winters- you can download blank party invitations here
Real Simple has some information on a swap party as well

Now some day I will have to actually do this :)


  1. i loved Aimee's post on this too and can not wait to go to one sometime!

  2. This sounds really fun! I've been to a white elephant party before but that wasn't as fun. I think that this would be really great with homemade crafted items. Now just to find a group of crafty ladies in my area (besides the all 50+ crafters group at church).


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