Friday, September 9, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge! Day 1

While checking out Chrissy's blog at Boerman Ramblings  (which by the way, I just LOVE! So... maybe I have only spoken to her a few times, via internet, but she is amazing! You have to check out her blog! So honest and real! I just love her! ok, enough before I sound creepy) now what was I saying... oh ya, while reading she blog  I ran across this challenge.  A 30 day photo challenge with Ashley over at Eisy Morgan

Here is your 30 day photo challenge list

Here is Day 1
SELF PORTRAIT- thank goodness I showered today hehe

Come join in on the FUN! 
Link up HERE


  1. Love it! You look so pretty in your self-portrait pic!

  2. okay thanks for the shout out and then posting a super hot self pic. making mine look bad UGH!

  3. Janelle- thanks for much! you are too sweet!

    Chrissy- You make me laugh! And thank you! I was just happy I did something with myself today. The last two days were NOT good :) Even my husband noticed.

  4. and Chrissy- and you always look adorable.


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