Thursday, September 15, 2011

Inspiration Workshop: Favorite Shop

Oh boy... (this was a tough one)
I am linking up with Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop and the prompt this week is  FAVORITE SHOP
Right now everything I look at is on Etsy so picking a favorite shop from there is nearly impossible. There are so many great things and I want them all!

With that said- I need to pick one....

The Sunshine Stitch
Fall is coming and her shop has items for me AND my son!
She has the most beautiful cowls and the most adorable kids hats!!

To top it off, Alysha is so super sweet! I about died when she started following my blog.

Here is her shop!

this was also on my Tuesday Ten List 

I want one in EVERY color :)

I mean look how cute this is for our little guy!

And I am just in-love with all the coffee cozies I see! 
This is just sweet!

Check out her Etsy Shop- The Sunshine Stitch

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  1. OOo, I like your style! Those little toques are to die for! I'll have to check out her shop.

  2. Oh boy! The cowl scarf is to die for!

  3. sooo cute!! that owl hat.. adorable. ha

  4. YOU are just too sweet! I should start paying you for marketing. ;) Looking forward to your first order!!


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