Monday, September 26, 2011

My Simple Moment

My simple moment this week was this...
While my son was busy watching a DVD before nap time, I went to pay some bills. When he watches his DVD usually nothing gets in his way. You can hear him talking and clapping- its adorable!
Anyway, after a minute I noticed he was quiet so I peaked my head in (I was not far away, trust me) and this is what I found... 
My son had found his Timbits from this morning. I set them on the side table not even thinking about it. Apparently he wanted a snack and was making a HUGE mess!
Funny thing is, even he was making a big mess, all I could do was smile, laugh and grab my camera. It was just too cute and messes can always be cleaned up.
So I took some time and helped him break up the timbit and he ate them right there on the chair.

Precious Moment! 

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  1. Cute! What a great momma you are! love the pictures!

  2. too cute Natassia! :) thanks so much for linking up this week, can't wait to see your photos tomorrow. Rebecca


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