Saturday, September 24, 2011

Do others affect your day? AND A SALE

Have you ever found yourself so affected by someone else's actions it ruins your day? That's just what happened to me yesterday until I said NO! I was not going to allow this girl to make me feel as miserable as she must be.

Long story short- I messed up! I apologized and was apparently not forgiven.

So here is what happened-Someone was coming to my house to purchase something I had on craigslist. I accidentally mistyped my address for her and she ended up at the neighbors house instead of mine. As soon as I saw the mistake I quickly emailed her the correct address and went outside to try and find her but by that time she was already VERY UPSET and wrote me a nasty email and was headed home. I guess in my mind I didn't understand why she didn't just wait for me to write her back and help. I apologized over and over and truly felt HORRIBLE! Still, there were no kind words from this girl and that was that.
So- YES I messed up, but why do people feel they have to tear others down to make their point, or make themselves feel better? AND why do I allow it to bother me (usually for days!) making me miserable and the people around me miserable?

Are you like that? Do you let others affect you too?

So, in light of my crappy day yesterday, I want to do something NICE for others!

I am having a HUGE $4 SALE on ALL RINGS, 
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  1. Awww...I don't like mean people :( I am super sensitive...I burst into tears if someone even looks at me mean!

  2. I am sorry you had a bad day! I am very sensitive... I too let other's actions bother me way too much and think about what I could have done better for days! I am not sure why people have to be mean to prove a point....I think they didn't listen when their mamma's said "treat others how you want to be treated!" Lol. At least you were nice too her, even when she was rude and mean to you! Thankyou for helping me with my blog button thing! You made my day better yesterday! Hope you have a much better weekend!

  3. Jenna- hehe you made me smile :) I dont like mean people either!

    Janelle- Thank you!! And I am glad I could help

  4. that is something i still have to be aware of, i can feel other peoples energies and sometimes i let it affect mine


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