Sunday, September 4, 2011

Simple Moment

I wanted to share our simple moment this week with you and link up with Simple As That.

My simple moment this week was with my little family on Saturday morning. We were all together, spending time watching the Ohio State football game. Now I might not know much about sports, nor sadly do I care too much, (don't tell my hubby) BUT in this house there are a few teams you cheer for- Ohio State (football) and The Blue Jackets (Hockey). So we do play along- and I enjoy it! I mean, how cute is this little guy?!
I Just love him!

A sweet moment with daddy!

He learns quick! Daddy is very proud 

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  1. love that he is doing touchdown thing! love it! he is sooo adorable! Love the picture of you too! You look soo pretty! Anyway to answer your question...You go to the dashboard and where it says edit posts you have an option to edit that, then click and a new page you can create up to ten will automatically create a home page for you! Home this helps....that's how I did it... You use Blogger right? Cause that's how you do it on Blogger! Ask any questions if you need more help! If that didn't work let me know! Also, let me know if it succeeds!

  2. Thank you both- he is a lot of fun! Oh yes daddy is very proud of the touchdown thing :) and thank you Janelle for the compliment and blogger help- I'm going to try it!!


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