Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Family Blocks

Here is a project I have been working on for months. Its horrible that I never finished it.

I found this idea of making blocks for our son over at Our Family Four and I really wanted to try it with my family and cousins that our my sons age. He doesn't get to see them very often so I wanted their faces to be seen daily. (Atleast once I get them done)

-First- I was lucky enough that my father in law had some wood pieces he wasn't using and cut them down to size for me.
-Then I searched for pictures of family members I wanted to use, cropped the picture to just their face and printed them off my printer. Once I had them printed and cut apart and set them aside.
-Next I cut up textured paper I wanted to use to decorate the rest of the sides. With the paper, you want each family to have their own color paper so the family blocks match. (see my picture below to better understand)
-Once I had everything cut, I then mod podged the block and placed the picture on one side and textured paper on the others and mod podged all but one side of the block (I did that side once the others were dry).
-Once the block was dry I then sanded the edges down for both a distressed look and to get rid of any sharp edges. This is where it takes some time because I am hand sanding and did not get them all done.
-After that there is one last step, the names on the blocks- for this you can do it different ways. I chose to write the names on with marker. To be neat you could have the names printed on the paper before you cut it. I chose to write the names on the space behind the picture.

As you can see- our little family has the same color paper. As do the aunts & uncles FUN! Our son not only can play with the blocks but when he is older he can put families together. As of right now he likes to throw them. {still makes me smile}

Erin over at Our Family Four has an AMAZING tutorial! 
Sorry-I did not take pictures throughout the process, nor are my pictures very good. 
Hopefully you get the idea and have fun making your own!  

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  1. These are just great. Thank you for sharing the idea. Enjoy the day! Bobbie

  2. thanks! And thanks so much for checking it out!

  3. Love this! So cute! What a great idea for your little one to learn the names and faces of all his loved ones...then when he sees them they will be "familar faces" to him! I envy your creativeness!

  4. Oh that is so cute. What a neat gift this would be too. thanks for sharing with my newbie party.

  5. Oh I WISH I could come up with stuff like this on my own :) Maybe someday.

  6. love these, esp how you added aunts and uncles great idea.. thanks for linking up!

  7. Just too cute! Love them! I would love for you to link up Thursday (actually it starts tonight) to It’s a Party!


  8. What great blocks! I would love to make these for my sweet baby! Especially for the relatives that live far away!

  9. LOVE how yours turned out! I've been meaning to post Maggie's blocks I made. I spelled out our last name, but I LOVE how you did the photos and names! Great idea!

    We will be featuring this on our blog tomorrow!! Feel free to grab a featured button and get your brag on girl ;)

    Thanks for sharing and linking up with us :) We appreciate it :)

    Have a happy day!



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