Friday, September 16, 2011

30 Day photo Challenge (days 6, 7 & 8)

How exciting- You are about to get 3 for 1!!
ok so maybe because I have been horrible at my 30 day photo challenge and now I am playing catch-up... I have also not been spending enough time with my camera for my photo challenge, BUT it has been fun. See more about it here

Day 6- Childhood Memory

My childhood memory photo is of my little man's blankie. The reason it is my childhood memory is because I had a blanket I slept with from the time I was a baby up to college. Honestly I would still sleep with it now if it hadn't fallen apart. I actually still have it at my parents house in my closet. I loved that blanket. It might sound weird but it was just something soft I liked to cuddle with. Now sleep with a pillow in a jersey sheet pillow case. Anyway, he LOVES him blankets too. (he has 3 different ones from Aiden & Anais)

Day 7- Something New
My something new is this hat! I LOVE LOVE LOVE hats! I would take a picture of me wearing it right now but currently my hair is wet and in a towel (nice picture that would make) 

shop at Piper and Paisley- Day 8- Technology
Oh I could not live without my iMac! Love me some Apple technology!

Notice my techy buddy near at hand. :)

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  1. Love the hat.. where is it from.. I am obsessed with hats right now.. Someday i will own a Mac some day!


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