Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wordless Wednesday- What do YOU think?

I would LOVE your opinion on these necklaces I worked on today.

Thanks so much!


  1. Love them both! they are sooo cute! I really like the one with the white flower centered and a colored flower off to the side! very unique! Great Job Natassia! Sry I am a bit of a blogger page stalker! lol

  2. Super cute!! My favorite is the white flower and colored flower off to the side. You are so talented!

  3. Thanks so much ladies!!
    Janelle- haha I stalk your blog too

  4. I like the multi color one!! :))

  5. i want the cream one !!! how much:)?

  6. Thank you!! Mom- the first one is designed after you :)
    Ali- I sent you a message and did you see your face on the block in my post before this? (aunt Ali!)


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