Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Shout Out

I wanted to do a quick sunday shout out post. On the weekends I spend a lot of time with family so I apologize that not much goes on here.

My Shout out goes to an amazing girl and someone I would like to call a friend ~ Chrissy from Boerman Rambling. I feel like whenever I have a blogging question I can go to her and just when I need a pick me up she is there to add a comment without evening knowing. On top of it all she has a cute little family, ok not so little, she has THREE kids! :) I don't know how you do it all- but I am so glad you do!
She is a great person, fantastic friend and has an amazing blog and etsy shop.

Check her out at Boerman Ramblings & Simply Created

Thank you Chrissy for being such an awesome person!
I wish you nothing but the best blessings God has to give!



  1. you're just such a sweet person, i can tell :) xoxo

  2. thank you Ashley- I think the same about you!

  3. okay how did I miss this? I saw the post before and after but not this. You are amazing Natassia and I meant that...thanks for such sweet words! Love ya!


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