Thursday, November 3, 2011


Today I thought I would share a little bit about me... you may not like what you see :)

yes this is hanging in my kitchen 

This is what you would see if you came to visit today

1. teddy bear by my magazines 2. sippy cup of our coffee table 3. his lovely basket of toys (that I put in our living room), 4. all his toys that are currently still in "my" green room 5. more toys 6. his mater truck in the kitchen 7. his other sippy cup near by 8. toilet paper unrolled in our bathroom and 9. a football you may trip over when you go from dining room to kitchen.

BUT- then you see these cute little shoes and think of the adorable little boy, who is currently sleeping like and baby, and is the one that made all this possible. And you can't help but love it! 

Welcome to my home


  1. so cute! and looks like my house :)

  2. This made me smile because it is so me! I just thinking today of doing a post similar to this because a friend was over today and marveled at how clean my house was and wanted to know how I managed it. I laughed out loud because it is very rare that it looks like that. I need evidence in pictures to prove that on any given day it is kind of a disaster.
    Found you through the blog hop and just became your 100th follower. YEAH!

  3. I so need that sign in my house!! or I saw one on pinterest that went something like "Please excuse the mess, the children are making memories" I just Love house is a mess everyday!! until they are asleep and I tidy it a little lol as soon as they wake up its like magic bippity bobbity Boo MESS! loved this post!

  4. Aww. His little shoes next to yours. Too sweet.


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