Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween fun

I had a great time this fall carving pumpkins with a friend and trying to stay warm :) I forgot to take a picture of our mess and pumpkin seeds but what FUN WE HAD!!!

Watch Out We Are Dangerous :)


We each carved out two pumpkins and made up 3 different batches of pumpkin seeds. 2 of the 3 batches turned out great! Not sure what we did wrong with the one. :)

The finished products- I think we did pretty good. 

Now for the trick or treat night! 

He was getting ready to make his way outside with his dad, mom, Granny, Aunt Ali, Uncle Jake and Aunt Tessa! He had an entourage! 

Now for the fun!! He could hardly wait to get in the wagon. He wasn't too happy that mommy wanted a picture first :) 

We set out for our first house... he wasn't too sure but was out for an hour and did great!
Afterwards he went inside with Grammy and hung out! 

It was a great evening!! Family, Food & a Fire! 

I hope you had a great night!


  1. So cute! Love the wagon picture!

  2. love his tony the tiger costume! you're beautiful and sweet looking even with a knife in your hand!

  3. Looks like a wonderful Halloween! Great job on the pumpkins, I skipped out on that this year. And an adorable friendly looking tiger :-)



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